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You refers to who? The audience or to someone else

“You remember the harbor. There were plenty of nice things floating around in it. That was the only time in my life I got so I dreamed about things. You didn’t mind the women who were having babies as you did those with the dead ones. They had them all right. Surprising how few of them died. You just covered them over with something and let them go to it.” (12).

Hemingway Ernest. In Our Time. New York. Scribner Paperback Fiction. 1958. p. 12

In this passage, the unidentified narrator identifies the readers as you by placing them into this image of the harbor and makes them think about the women who were having babies and it seems like the narrator wants the readers to be placed in he or she’s shoes in order to see what kind of life they were living back then, but it also gives us a sense of asking who is you I mean is it the audience he is referring it to or is it someone else an unidentified person that the narrator is directing this passage to and it gives a sense of ambiguity.