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Melanchtha needed to badly to have it, this love which she had always wanted, she did not know what she should do to save it. Melanchta saw now, Jem Richards always had something wrong inside him. Melanchta soon dared not ask him. Jem was busy now, he had to sell things and see men to raise money. Jem could not meet Melanchta now so often.

Stein, Gertrude. “Melanctha.” Three lives. Dover Publications, New York. 1994. 132. Print

The way this paragraph is written captured my attention because it is an excellent example of what I’ve noticed through the entire story. It’s very clear that this story is being narrated but it’s almost as if a child is narrating it. Each sentence starts off with a name and a brief sentence almost like a child’s game where they would talk in third person.