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Anse’s language

“Durn that road. And it fixing to rain, too. I can stand here and same as see it with second-sight, a shutting down behind them like a wall, shutting down betwixt them and my given promise. I do the best I can, much as I can get my mind on anything, but durn them boys” (35).

Faulkner William. “As I Lay Dying”. New York. The Modern Library Edition. 2000. p.30 ¬†Print.

It is interesting to see Faulkner use “southern” language in Anse’s point of view specifically. The readers can picture in their mind of how a southerner speaks by looking at the language and reading it out loud. It is interesting to see Anse use that specific language while others do not. Faulkner gives the readers a clue that Anse is not fully educated like the rest of the characters (although he is one of the oldest brothers) by using sentence fragments, misspelling words, random comma placing etc.

Shifting perspectives

“It was wonderful. Never had he done anything which made him feel so proud. It was so real, it was substantial, Mrs. Peters’ hat.
“Just look at it,” he said.
Yes, it would always make her happy to see that hat. He had become himself then, he had laughed then. They had been alone together. Always she would like that hat.”

Virginia Woolf often uses free indirect discourse, (though there is direct dialogue here as well in the middle),  in her writing which makes it rather difficult trying to determine whose perspective (as it always seems to be changing), or mind you are really getting a piece of, or if it even might just be the unknown narrator.

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway. New York: Harcourt, Inc. 1925. Print. pp. 144