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The Decay of Lying

Wilde, The Decay of Lying  http://www.online-literature.com/wilde/1307/

“CYRIL. Whom do you mean by ‘the elect’?
VIVIAN. Oh, The Tired Hedonists, of course. It is a club to which
I belong. We are supposed to wear faded roses in our button-holes
when we meet, …

CYRIL. Well, I should fancy you are all a good deal bored with
each other.
VIVIAN. We are. This is one of the objects of the club.”

This reminds me of high school and of people being together with other people they neither like nor dislike just for the sake of being together. Just with the word “tired” in her club name, everything else Vivian explains or speaks of after makes her seem jaded and pompous. I can literally hear her dramatic and “wistful” sigh.