Repetition In Faulkner

“When they get it finished they are going to put her in it and then for a long time I couldn’t say it. I saw the dark stand up and go whirling away and I said ‘Are you going to nail her up in it, Cash? Cash? Cash?’ I got shut up in the crib the new door it was too heavy for me it went shut I couldn’t breathe because the rat was breathing up all the air. I said ‘Are you going to nail it shut, Cash? Nail it? Nail it?’” (Faulkner 65)

Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying: The Corrected Text. New York: Modern Library, 2000. Print.

Faulkner uses repetition throughout the novel through many contexts. He first used repetition to emphasize the noise of the axe in the first chapter by stating, “Chuck, chuck, chuck” (Faulkner 5). However, in the above passage the use of repetition is present in the character’s personality through her impatient tone. Instead of pausing in the sentence continues on with a tone of implied haste as the character keeps emphasizing certain words.