Language Detracts from Emotion

“Jeff Cambell staid till the last moment, with Melanctha, to make her mother’s dying easy for her. When it was over he sent in the colored woman from next door to help Melanctha fix things, and then he went away to take care of his other patients. He came back very soon for Melanctha. He helped her to have a funeral for her mother. Melanctha then went to live with the good natured woman, who had been her neighbor. Melanctha still saw Jeff very often. Things began to be very strong between them.”

Stein, Gertrude. “Melanctha.” Three Lives. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1994. 77. Print.

Stein’s sentence construction is very “telling;” by only revealing the nature in which things and events are occurring, and not the characters’ inter most thoughts preceding these moments, readers are likely to be emotionally detached from Jeff Cambell, Melanctha, and even the poor, deceased elder Herbert.