Historical Timeline

Melanchta by Gertrude Stein was published in 1909 and Faulkner’s As I lay dying was published in 1925. Both those works use stream of consciousness device, whom proves to be confusing for the reader.  Zora Neale Hurston’s Their eyes were watching God, published in 1937,  focuses on rendering a thruthful African-American community, especially by a precise rendering of specific language. Annand’s Untouchable  was published in 1935  and is one of the few non western writers that is recognized.

We can see that modernist literature is diverse and show a wide range of works. I think it’s interesting to notice that some of those novels -Melanchta, Their Eyes were watching God, Joyce’s Portrait- belong to the “coming of age” genre which I think the confusing stream of consciousness is really appropriated for. We see a real desire to represent, with a difficult language and obviously new, the difficulty of making sense and understanding what is happening  in those moment of transition and learning.  Annand and Hurston doesn’t quite fit in the “usual” modernist writers circle as Annand is an Indian writer who writes on a non western subject and Hurston as an African-American woman is quite an exception. Nonetheless, I think those two relates with Faulkner’s As I lay dying with their subject, to show a different social class, the lesser one and to describe them in an authentic manner -like Hurston- but not with a condescending look but true interest, as Annand’s novel fit in the social novel genre.