class and culture

A noticeable theme running through many of the works we read is class. It plays a role in Untouchables, Melanctha, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and even, in a way, Heart of Darkness. In all these novels there is a class of oppressed and a class of opressors.
I think what is interesting is that though Heart of Darkness was the first one published umongst these works, its class issues are very imperialist. The other novels deal with class within one country but Heart of Darkness deals with class between two cultures in which class is defined differently. Untouchables deals with class between two cultures too but msot of the conflict is between indians in the novel.

Heart of Darkness- February 1899

Melanctha- 1909

The Untouchables-1935

Their Eyes Were Watching God- September 18, 1937